EAP115-Wall - 300Mbps Wireless N Wall-Plate Access Point

Perfectly Formed

The EAP115-Wall would blend seamlessly into any business setting with a refined, minimalist appearance.

  • 150.00AED

Perfectly Formed

The EAP115-Wall would blend seamlessly into any business setting with a refined, minimalist appearance. A slimline design includes casing that’s just 11 mm in thickness.

Installation Made Easy

1.    Detach the faceplate of the junction box* with a screwdriver.

2.    Remove the faceplate of the EAP.

3.    Connect an in-wall Ethernet cable to the Uplink+POE port.

4.    Secure the access point to the wall using the nails provided.

5.    Press the faceplate back into position.

Effortless Deployment

With 802.3af Power over Ethernet supported there’s no need for additional wiring. Simply plug in existing Ethernet cables and you’re ready to go.

Complete Wireless Coverage

An EAP in each room guarantees a strong wireless signal and allows guests to enjoy their own private Wi-Fi network.

Centralized Management

Manage and monitor hundreds of EAPs with ease, all from a single location. TP-Link’s free Auranet Controller Software provides an intuitive management interface with no special training required. Wi-Fi management has never been so simple or cost-effective.


·         Easy-mount construction enables easy installation into any standard EU-type data wall-box

·         Sleek, compact design blends perfectly with the existing interior style.

·         Free Auranet Controller Software enables administrators to easily manage hundreds of EAPs

·         Support Power over Ethernet (802.3af) for convenient and affordable installation

·         300Mbps wireless data rate for uninterrupted wireless connection

·         Captive portal provides one convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests

·         Access Control restricts or allows the client to access the specified network segment

·         Reboot Schedule enables all the APs to be rebooted automatically within a specified time

·         WPA/WPA2-enterprise, 802.1X with RADIUS secure authentication and rogue access point detection ensure the security of      WLAN

·         Compatible with 802.11 b/g/n products

·         QoS function prioritizes data, voice, and video applications to ensure time-sensitive traffic takes priority over all other traffic

·         Multiple operating modes satisfy different application conditions including managed AP and standalone AP modes

·         Load balance ensures large numbers of users have smooth network experiences in large business networks

·         Multi-SSID divides multiple wireless network for different users

·         Rate limit on per SSID to restrict the bandwidth of each client

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