• Kaspersky Total Security MD - 3 USER

Kaspersky Total Security MD - 3 USER

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Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device helps protect your privacy, money, identity, photos & family against today’s threats. One product with one license can secure your PCs, Mac computers and Android phones & tablets.

SECURITY – Protects your ‘digital life’ against Internet threats & more

Hundreds of thousands of new malware items are being unleashed by cybercriminals… every day. That’s why our cloud-assisted security continually adds to your defences against malware and Internet dangers. We also block banner adverts and let you filter out annoying spam messages.

PC, MAC & MOBILE – Secures any combination of PCs, Mac & Android devices

Whichever device you use to go online, our innovative security technologies deliver multi-layered protection. Furthermore, because it’s easy to lose mobile devices, we’ve included anti-theft features that let you lock, wipe and locate lost or stolen Android devices.

PRIVACY – Safeguards your privacy and defends against identity theft

Phishing attacks – that can try to steal your identity or your money – are automatically blocked. In addition, our Webcam Protection* technology stops criminals using your own webcam to spy on you. We also prevent the tracking* of your web browsing habits and the capture of your personal information.

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